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Purgatory Dawn - RPG

Between Heaven and Hell

Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
San Francisco
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Welcome to Purgatory Dawn, an original roleplaying community. The ooc community is theflipsideofpd.

Welcome to Purgatory, a night club that caters to every dark fantasy imaginable. Anything goes in the dark basement of the club or the private rooms that can be yours for a small fee. Elegant dining at its finest can be found in the upper floors as well as interesting conversation with the city's elite. On the ground floor, enjoy the dancing to some of the best local bands around or simply have a drink.

The truth about this extravagant club that skirts a fine line between elegant and risqué is that it is a meeting place for more than just humanity. It is a haven for some and a prison for others.

Come let us entertain you and seduce you. Just be warned. You might like it.

San Francisco. 1890's. Picture a city booming with commerce, immigrants with a thriving trade in more than the naked eye could see. Flesh and blood have always been for sale if you know where to look and offer the right price.
Enter an entrepreneur by the name of Stefan Dark, recently in from Europe and looking to find something to satiate his various hungers as well as his ongoing quest to cure boredom. Being immortal will lead anyone to yawning after a few centuries. He took one look at the various brothels and seedy gin joints that lined the back streets of the growing city and inspiration struck him.

Stefan purchased a dying bar that was called "Hell's Fury" by the owner. He then went about converting it into a partial brothel while retaining the bar atmosphere upon the lowest level. Only the name didn't suit his tastes.

Thus "Purgatory" was born.

Over the years, the building has been torn down and rebuilt three times until it is the elegant den of sin it is today. Stefan continues to find those who will give into the amazing variety of tastes, fetishes, and desires that are offered within his club. Constant change and innovation are the theme of this unique club, especially in the shadowy portions where few dare to go....

Yet something remains not right in this club and the secrets it holds.


1. Play Nice. This is a fun RP, where you're meant to have fun. Don't ruin it by trying to cause drama that isn't in a Storyline and is OOC. This is an Out of Character (OOC) drama free zone. If you cause problems for the list, we do reserve the right to remove you.

2. Storylines. Partake in as many as you want! Create your own! There is one solid storyline for the RP that everyone will be able to participate it, but it's a secret *shifty eyes*. All that we ask is that you keep it realistic to the setting and the rules. There are a few rules when it does come to actually RPing a SL.
- No creating a character in a family with another without that other person's permission. That's called plagiarism, stealing another persons character and making it your own.
-Killing is allowed, as long as you and the person you're killing have come to an agreement (As in, you have that person's consent). No killing the mods though. We have to run the list. You don't want our work. Also if you constantly go around just killing people we will remove you from the RP by having a public execution.

3. Adult Content. We're a Yuri, Yaoi, Hentai, whatever tickles your pickle, friendly list. However, All Smut/X rated stuff needs to be CLEARLY labeled in the subject lined and placed under a cut and friends locked. While we are a happy friendly adult friendly list, we must comply with LiveJournal's policy towards this stuff. Also, your birthday must be in the birthday section proving your over 18. You can put your character's birthday in the bio section, but we need your ACTUAL bithday in the birthdate section. If you fail to do this, we will remove your post and/or you from the list. We've really got no choice in this matter.

4. Character limits. You may only have one character to start off with. If you are active in the RP for a probation period of two weeks, then you may apply for another character. However, if one character becomes neglected, we reserve the right to tell you to remove a character from the RP. This rule keeps people from having 50 characters then vanishing and leaving the RP dead. We don't allow god characters. Half god is okay, but god..nope. There are only two god characters in the RP and they are taken by the list staff.

5. Posting. Please keep as active as possible, or notify those in the SL you're with of your absence. If your character disappears for more than two months, we will remove you from the RP. While there is no rule yet as to how active you are, if we never see your name in anything for two months, its safe to say you're not posting. People depend on you, don't let them down. If you are going to be gone for an EXTENDED period of time, and don't want your character removed because you will return then let the list staff, aka Lily and DC know.

6. Have fun! We created this RP so people would have a wonderful place to RP without the problems of things going dead. Be creative, play nice, and most of all ENJOY THIS. This world is what you guys make it. There's a lot more rules we could have added, but we're not. We wanted this RP as open as possible, for everyone to enjoy, without depending on one character to make it go.

7. Threads. Please keep yourself in check when you're posting. Try not to be on more then two rp posts at once. You don't need to respond to everyone at every point in time. If you are responding and posting to everything, we will warn you once, and remove you the next time.

8. Grammar and Spelling. We would appreciate good use of grammar. You aren't going to get shot for a lol or a misspelled word, or ripped at for a few grammatical errors (List mom Lily has them constantly). However we do ask that you do NOT use internet speak in your posts. 3 talk is annoying. Also, constant incomplete sentences are as well. People won't RP with you, and nobody can read your posts. So please, keep the internet speak and such to IMs. If we see overuse of internet speak, or no effort in the readability of your post, we will ask you to leave the RP.

9. Clones. I don't like them. So please don't make any? I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I dislike clones lots. They cause lots of pain to the head, as does anything Star Wars and with the Summers family of the X-Men. (Thank you. ~Lily)


All characters, from anything are welcome. Created characters, anime characters, etc. Please no Harry Potter, Star Wars, or underaged characters.

Are you still with us and interested in joining? Great! Read over the application, fill it out, and e-mail it to HarleyLQuinn@aol.com. All applications will be answered within five days. If you do not hear from us by then, please contact either of us through AIM (HarleyLQuinn or AmbroseWulf). You can also drop us an e-mail after five days or leave a note on the OOC community.

Once you've been accepted, then join both the IC and OOC communities with your character journal. We also ask you post a general greeting, contact information, and what character you play to the OOC community to let others know who you are.

Character Application

Character List

* denotes Mod Character


Club Owner/Manager: Stefan Dark stefan_dark *

Dancer/Entertainment Manager: Rhiannon LeFrost rhiannonlefrost *

Heaven Staff

Wait Staff: Vash herocowboy

Hell Staff

Wait Staff: Hika furfur_chan

Special Services Staff

Wait Staff (Main Hall)-Hell Special: Kal muse_lost

Wait Staff (Main Hall)-Heaven Special: Eiji kitten_fallen

Music Entertainment

House Band: Death's Lament - Lead by Kai Moonstone onewingd_angel


Bastian honor_falling *

Asher LeFrost asher_lefrost *

The Mods:

Lily - theblackraven (Player of Rhiannon)
DC - ambrosewulf (Player of Stefan)

Helpful Links

Club Layout
Help Wanted-Purgatory Staff

Hot Spots
OOC Community theflipsideofpd