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Purgatory Dawn - RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell

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Looking for fun (open to anyone) [Nov. 18th, 2007|11:49 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Who: Kale
Time of day: 1am or later
Where: Purgatory
Warnings: None

Kale sat at the bar watching, listening and waiting. He watched those around the bar come and go. He listened to what was behind the noise that was the music and the crowd. He could hear the soft scuttle of rats below the building deep in the sewers. He could hear hearts beating around him each moving to their own song. Hours ago that noise had been the bane of his night but now he was full of blood. Now he could sit there comfortable and listen to those sounds as if they were a song.

Leaning forward a little several strands of long purple hair fell into his face and across the wood of the bar. He’d had to change his shirt due to the fact that a demon had torn it. Now he wore a black silk shirt tucked into his ever faithful black slacks. The soft black leather boots rounded out the outfit. Looking up into the mirror behind the bar he sighed at the glint of the silver jaguar shaped earring. Ebony eyes wandered over his almost too feminine face making him sigh again. Pushing the empty wine glass towards the bartender he motioned for his glass to be filled again.

Turning back towards the crowd he waited; waited for something interesting to happen.
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Death's Lament (Open to all, or anyone who wants to get him a drink) [Nov. 16th, 2007|09:31 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
[Current Mood |complacentcomplacent]
[Current Music |Himself]


He could feel it. The memory was as clear as a crisp winter’s day. The darkness and the smoke engulfing the crowd; the screams of anticipation filling the air at their arrival. At his arrival. He could feel the burning lights rising onto the stage, scorching his skin and heating up his black leather attire. The pure adrenilian rush of being a god of rock, not of death, even for a moment, upon the stage.


It was what Lapis treasured most in this world.


“Hey Kai, snap out of it! We’re on shortly, and I’ll not be singing while you’re sexy ass is back here daydreaming. I didn’t agree to leave my club for that.” A flaming tressed temptress, decked from chest to butt in strips of red leather, shouted as she lightly punched him on the shoulder.


Dark, endless violet orbs opened slowly to meet the hazel gaze of the woman; as the silver haired man known to the world as Kai Moonstone, Lapis to friends, raised an eyebrow. With an uncanny grace, the man rose from his seat, towering over the 5’7” woman at his 6’2” height.


Black leather boots bled into black leather lace-up pants that rode his hips. A see-through white long button up shirt barely covered his flawless chest, left open to show the variety of necklaces hanging from his neck. A silver chain belt rode his hip, trailing down his side to hook towards his back pocket. The shinning silver hair, that glittered like tinsel, fell straight to the back of his knees, strands framing his god-like features.


“I know, Jessi.”


Rhiannon’s voice came over the speakers, snapped him out of his visions of the past.


“It is my deepest honor to introduce the newest addition to Purgatory; its own house band! Featuring the hottest rock god of Japan, the legendary Kai Moonstone and his band….Death’s Lament! Enjoy the show!”


With that, the lights dimmed, and the flood of the stage lights filled the room. Death’s Lament took the stage; all except for Jessi and Kai. As the music filled the room, Lapis stepped out onto the stage.


His voice filled the room, purring with an elegance and emotion that traveled to the core. It was like hearing the voice of angels, coursing with the blood of the devil.“ No time for good-bye, he said, as he faded away. Don’t put your life in someone’s hands, their bound to steal it away. Don’t hide your mistakes, they’ll find you, and burn you. Then he said, if you want to get out alive. If you want to get out alive, oh oh run for your life.”


Jessi’s beautiful voice filled the air as she came to sing beside him, “This is my last time, she said, as she faded away, it’s hard to imagine, but one day you’ll end up like me, then she said. If you want to get out alive…oh oh run for your life. If you want to get out alive…oh oh run for your life. “


Both of them began singing together, their harmony coursing through the crowd, “if you want to get out alive…oh oh run for your life. If you want to get out alive, oh oh run for your life. If I stay, it won’t be long. Til I’m burning on the inside. If I go, I can only hope, that I’ll make it to the otherside.”


Lapis’s voice filled the air, as he let loose the full power of his voice. The beauty of it, screaming to the furthest reaches of purgatory. The beauty that had made him famous. “If I stay, it won’t be long. Til I’m burning on the inside. If I go, I can only hope, that I’ll make it to the otherside. If I stay, it won’t be long. Til I’m burning on the inside. If I go, Oh if I go!”


It was then the band let loose, the guitar’s howling with Lapis’s voice, screaming and bleeding for the audience.


“Burning on the inside….Burning on the other side….Burning on the inside.”


With that the song ended, and Kai stepped forward, lightly giving a bow to the audience that had been listening. As the band left the stage, Kai let a small smile cross his face.


This was what he loved. It wasn’t millions of fans….it was music.


Stepping from behind the stage, Lapis moved to the bar area, taking a seat at one of the tables cloaked in shadow. A baseball cap now firmly upon his head, quietly shielding his eyes. There he waited, for….well….a waiter.


((Slight note: Song is Get out Alive-Three Days Grace, awesome cd. If anyone's curious, this is my second character I decided to bring back into existance! Feel free to bother him. ~Lily))

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Knocking on heaven's door (Stefan) [Nov. 16th, 2007|10:13 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
What the fuck was he doing up here? If he would had an answer for this question, the demon would feel way more comfortable. The irony of the situation: Here he stood - Count something, (ex)-Leader of Legions, DEMON (sic) and knocked at heaven's door. So to say.

Well, the owner of this club had fallen from grace as far as he did. Took the slow way down, preferred the walking as far as Hika could recall. Not that he cared much. Still they were on the opposite side of the game. A fallen angel was a fallen angel was a fallen angel ... The ENEMY.

And here he stood, knocking at this fucking door and waited for an answer. Deeper he couldn't fall. Not with said grace. But the only one in this whole damn city who might be able to find a solution for his little problem was a fucked up angel. An ANGEL!!! This had to be irony of history - and he already had his share on that.
Say 'Hi, I'm here', be a nice angel... Hika thought and lit a cigarette. The smoke comforted him for a moment, eased his nerves.
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Back to hell (open) [Nov. 9th, 2007|10:43 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
Hell - an ordinary shift. Nothing special this evening, despite the usual suspects. Hika didn't waste a thought on them. Ordinary humans who wanted to be entertained. Not his department. He was just the guy serving the drinks. And serving dinner and waiting tables. And he better not started to think about the tip.
A smile - 10 bucks, some nice words - 20 bucks. Not getting killed by a demon - priceless.
Well, here he was a again. Waiting tables. Must had been irony of history that brought him back here in the first place.
But honestly - not that the truth was something he cared about much - where else should he go?
Trapped in this human body he needed the money desperately. And was it only for him being able to pay the next rent.
"Two May Thais, three beer." he told the barkeeper and stretched his slender limbs while waiting for the order. His black eyes observed the room. Human scum. Most of it. All ready for a quick fu... ehr, sorry ... qualitative entertainment. So predictable.
That he had to work down here didn't make him wonder. 'Hell' was such a suiting place for him. Only the decoration was a little bit odd. But minor details ... As far as he know, the owner of the club had never been all the way down. And the Emo-feeling was hip this days, wasn't it?
"The drinks are ready!!!"
The barkeeper's severe voice pulled Hika back into reality. Musing about heaven and hell was senseless. At least for the moment.
"Thanks a lot." The cigarette, which he had lit just a few seconds ago, was put in the next ashtray. 'All for the money' he had to remind himself when he grabbed the tray, ready to serve some more drinks.

Two minutes later he needed another cigarette. Desperately. Fuck, he wasn't used for somebody just putting a hand on his ass and asking him how much 'special services' would cost. He was a fucking waiter! That was the job he had applied for in the first place.
"Cigarette. Be. Right. Back." he told the barkeeper and departed for the bathroom. Not that he minded the fact that somebody believed his human body to be attractive. Just one look in the mirror proofed him right. He was ... at least if somebody was more in the androgyny boy toy thing. He wasn't. But nobody had asked him. For several reasons. Eternal punishment ... yadda yadda.
He just had to live with it. Period.
A strand of black hair was tucked back behind one ear. And despite the 'No Smoking' sign right in front of him, he lit another cigarette. The one he was craving for. 'What the fuck am I doing here?' he asked himself. Money - it was all about the fucking money.
'Go out there, smile ... wait the fuck!'
The cigarette was tossed in the next urinal. Money was all he needed. And he would be fucked in several ways, if he wouldn't get it.
Putting a false smile on his face, Hika left the bathroom. MONEY!!!
And he had to figure out a way how to raise the amount of tip he was receiving. As soon as possible...
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(Open to any) [Nov. 9th, 2007|03:15 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell

It was his first night on the job, and he was already late!

Getting around this city was harder than Vash thought. The bus had been slow, and then he'd missed his stop, forced to jog an entire block to the club. He'd arrived to find that the place was already crowded. Thankfully, being an employee meant he didn't have to wait in line to get in the doors.

He maneuvered quickly through the mass of people milling around the Purgatory level, apologizing loudly whenever he bumped into someone. The elevator seemed a million miles away - and then it'd started to close before he could get there. "Wait! WAIT!" Nearly tripping over his own feet in his haste, Vash managed to reach the elevator right before the doors closed, sticking his arm through the opening. He'd done it without thinking, but was pleasantly surprised when the doors opened again instead of mangling his hand.

Vash stepped inside, giving an apologetic smile to the other passengers before hitting the button for the Heaven level.
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Piano and Old Lace (Tag - Rhia , whoever) [Nov. 8th, 2007|08:13 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell

[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Who: Stefan Dark
Time of Day: Midnight or later
Where: Heaven Level of Purgatory Club
Warnings: None yet

The sound of piano music filled the upper floor of Purgatory known as Heaven and brought a bit of life to the sometimes sterile feeling environment. The black instrument was a sleek piece of beauty and the man who sat behind it playing matched. Long, pale fingers moved over the keys with a caressing touch that drew out sensual, haunting music from the piano, though he did change the mood halfway through to something a little brighter. The music flowed out of Stefan with an ease born of a bone-deep love of the golden notes humming along. No words were necessary to him and he did not sing to break the simple beauty of the song.

He did not stop playing until the song inside of him ended. Stefan Dark finally pulled away from the keys with a lingering sigh touching his lips. He smiled and felt his entire being relax as he finally felt satisfied with the music he had created this evening. Ebony hair fell down to his shoudlers and around high cheekbones. Crystal blue eyes looked around at the various patrons as well as staff who listened to him. The charming smile he gave to all was an invitation for more without saying a word, though he felt more relaxed than after sex. Most sex that was, he amended silently to himself. "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for indulging my pleasure with my lovely instrument. My pleasure is your pleasure for the moment, though I must retire for now. Another musician will be along in a shortly to take up where I have left you sadly hanging," Stefan said with a purr to his voice.

Tight black jeans rode low on his waist and straightend around his backside as he stood. A deep blue tanktop lay across his chest with a lighter blue shirt throw overtop. Silver threading shined in the top shirt and caught the light as he moved away from the piano "If you will excuse me," he said with a bow before moving to stand at the large windows at the end of 'Heaven'. Stefan glanced out across the city and remained lost in his own thoughts as he pressed his fingers against the glass. A silver ring curled around his middle finger as he stood silently with a musing expression upon his face.
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The Dragonfire of Heaven(Open) [Nov. 6th, 2007|08:23 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
[Current Music |"What have you done now"~Within Temptation]

Utter Darkness. The lights to purgatory went the moment the clock struck midnight. All noise in the club seemed to stop, as the Stefan's voice came over the loud speaker in the main room of Purgatory. His voice seemed to purr out the words, sending a shiver through the crowd.

"Ladies and gentleman, tonight it gives me and you the greatest amount of pleasure to introduce a dancer quite like no other.  She is known as the Dragon Fire of Heaven and burns sinfully across the stage.  Enjoy this rare performance by Rhiannon as she seduces you with her beauty and the temptation of her sweet dance.  Put your hands together and give in ----"

Fire erupted from the stage with a large boom as his words ended. Electric Guitar blasted through the speakers as a woman, emerged from behind the curtain. Smoke filled the stage liked a soft mist at her feet, as she prowled to the head of the stage. Long metalic crimson hair curled like a flame about her porcline perfect features. Dark emerald eyes gazed out at the crowd, as if she was looking at each and every person gathered. A deep emerald corsette with silver dragons hand embroidered barley covered her silvery tinged flesh. A black lace skirt danced about her cuves; the front cut short enough to cover her more intimate areas, while the back trailed behind her like a shadow. Black fishnets covered her perfect limbs as dainty silver heels covered her feet.

Her movements were graceful as she neared the end of the stage. Each gesture she made with her body was pure sin. A fantasy come to life, a goddess decended from heaven to make your every wish come true. There was a power that radiated off her body, touching each and every person on the main floor with her dance of lust. Her body moved in ways that had to have been illegal in most states.

 Rhiannon seemed to fly from the stage, gliding into the crowd, dancing with each person that would have her. Tempting them with her body, seducing them with her spirit. As the song neared its end, Rhiannon returned to the stage, looking out at the crowd. Her voice as beautiful as winter's first snow.

"Welcome to Purgatory."

As the last chord was struck, fire engulfed Rhiannon; taking her from the stage. Laughter filling the darkness for the breifest of moments, before the lights slowly came on and the regular DJ began his track listing.

Rhiannon smiled to herself from backstage, slipping on a simple black lace robe about her figure. 

It was still fun, after all this time.
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General Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ [Nov. 4th, 2007|08:02 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

FAQCollapse )
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Character Application [Nov. 2nd, 2007|08:52 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
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Help Wanted! [Nov. 2nd, 2007|08:21 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
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Club Layout, Prices, Etc. [Nov. 2nd, 2007|07:45 pm]
Purgatory - Between Heaven and Hell
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